Cbd Oil (Cannabis Oil) Health Benefits

Cbd Oil also know as Cannabis oil is now available in stores like Clicks and Dischem. What are the main health benefits of Cbd oil and should you use it?

What Is Cbd Oil?

CBD oil is drained from the stalks and leaves of hemp know in South Africa as Dagga plant.

Cbd Oil Health Benefits:

Cbd oil is a natural medicine alternative and has been known to help with:

* Chronic pain


* Seizures

* Anxiety disorder 

* Depression

* Diabetes type 1

* Diabetes type 2 

* Anxiety 

* Fights Cancer

Cbd oil can not make you high as its TLC levels are too low. It is the TLC in Dagga that makes you high.

Like always if you are considering using any form of medication it is wise to consult with your doctor first as there is always a chance that your body might react differently to medication.


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