Anrune Weyers Wins Gold In Dubai Paralympics 2019

Anrune Weyers has won South Africa’s first gold medal at the Dubai 2019 World Championships. Anrune Weyers won the women’s 400m T47 with a breaking record of 55.79 seconds.

Anrune Weyers said that the last year was really hard because of her injuries. She says that it was a miracle to run in Dubai and that she only had 6 weeks of training after her surgery. She is thankful to be injury-free and able to run.

This is Anrune Wyers second world title, 4 years ago the first one was in Doha but back then she was known as Anrune Liebenberg. She decided to use her husband’s surname because of the amazing support she gets from her partner. Anrune Wyers said: “I am proud to have Weyers on my name now because it’s kind of a part of him with me in athletics. He’s the person who is always me.”

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