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The National Institute for Communicable Diseases (NICD) says it has not had any positive Ebola cases in South Africa. The NICD said that if the situation should change it will let the public know. Media reports claimed a woman who displayed symptoms associated with the Ebola virus disease crossed the Ficksburg border in the Free State sparking fears of the presence of the virus in South Africa.
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Are we as humans supposed to eat meat? There have been numerous studies that have shown that meat is not...
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The government has launched Disability Rights Awareness Month which runs from 3 November to 3 December 2019. It intends to...
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Immediate action must be taken regarding the standards in Public Hospitals in South Africa. Philip van Staden the MP of...
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Cbd Oil also know as Cannabis oil is now available in stores like Clicks and Dischem. What are the main...
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Cranberries could help to fight urinary tract infections (UTIs). They reduce the power of certain E. coli bacterium to stick to and penetrate the walls of the bladder.
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Jogging gives joy, gives good effects on the health and improves the physical condition. Here are advices about how to...
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