Cuts To Ministerial Handbook Perks After More Than 10 Years Of Pressure From The DA

The DA (Democratic Alliance) has accomplished Tito Mboweni the minister of finance to make budget cuts to the ministerial handbook perks.  The DA is happy with the decision but feels that they need to trim the expenses a bit more.

The DA (Democratic Alliance) has been fighting them since the Idea of the Handbook was put in motion in 2007. The DA was not happy with the Idea that Government uses our hard-earned money (Tax) on luxuries like cars, vacations and living the high life on the public expense. There as a new Handbook released on the 8th of June 2019 and the DA asked for a copy but up until today they have failed to provide them with a full copy of the new Handbook.

I would say that South Africans agree that Government also needs to start doing budget cuts. Most South Africans had to give up all luxuries and there is just no money for holidays. It can be frustrating to see someone misusing your tax money and not providing you with the basic services you need but rather go on expensive trips and drive nice cars.

Let's all hope that it does not take another 10 years or more for the government to make even more cuts and be realistic about the amount they really need. 


Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay

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