Duduzile Zuma Defends Her Dad Jacob Zuma Fake Twitter Account

All the media is reporting on how Duduzile Zuma is defending her dad. Did she tweet this or can it be fake? Here is why I think it might be a fake account. There was a report on Zuma’s daughter says ‘her’ Twitter account insulting Ramaphosa is fake done by The Citizen where Duduzile Zuma says that @Duduzile_Zuma is a fake account that is sending out insulting tweets to senior ANC leaders, including President Cyril Ramaphosa. 

Twitter Has Removed the Fake Profile

This is the tweet on twitter:

To all Blacks SouthAfricans who were/are dissing my father @PresJGZuma

Monday: Back to reality, go face your racist baas who disrespect you and still calls you k... regardless of #RugbyWorldCup win. I took the insults regarding my father however your life hasn't change a bit pic.twitter.com/CDRJ0bSrnx

— @Duduzile_Zuma (@zuma_duduzile) November 4, 2019


This is the old tweets Duduzle Zuma said she did not post:

https://twitter.com/zuma_duduzile/status/1156439959836004354 https://twitter.com/zuma_duduzile/status/1156452178695008256

This seems to be her real account:



The tweet seems to be fake and all the evidence has been provided. I don't know why there are people trying to divide South Africans but I know as a nation we can and will stand together and accomplish great things as one!



Image by John Iglar from Pixabay

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