Make Money From Home Writing Articles And Stories

Do you want to earn money online? You will get paid for every person who reads your article or story. You don’t have to be an expert. You just need to have English equal to that of a native speaker, a sense of humour, and a love for writing. It's Free to join and there are no sign-up costs.

How to get started:

  • First, you have to register: The REGISTER Button is on top of every page.
  • When you created your account confirm your email address and log into your account. Make sure to check your spam folder just in case.
  • Start writing your first article or story and share it on social media to increase the views. 


  • The article or story has to be unique, you cant copy and paste someone else's work. All articles and stories are checked before it's approved.
  • You are allowed to rewrite news that you have read in your view or make a summary of it etc as long as it's in your own words. 
  • You cant view your article or story to increase paid views. You will only get paid views for unique users that you have earned.
  • Racist or offensive articles and stories will not be approved.
  • All Articles must be in English and checked for spelling( Tip Use Grammarly it's free).

You can read more about how it works in the Write & Get Paid page. The amount of money you earn is up to you. You also get 10% referral bonus so if you can get people to join and they write articles you get 10% of their earnings for life! Remember to share your work on social media and ask friends to read and share your stories and articles. The more people you get to read your work the more money you will make. 

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