Less Strict Travel Requirements For Child Tourists

Dr Aaron Motsoaledi the Minister of Home Affairs signed a waiver that allows foreign youth to enter South Africa without carrying additional documents such as birth certificates and permission letters. The waiver has been in effect from the 8th of November 2019 just after the Minister signed the waiver.

The Department of Home Affairs has already informed the immigration officials at all ports of entry and the airline and maritime industries about the changes. Supporting documents are still required for South African children and unaccompanied foreign children as per the requirements of the Children's Act. Foreign children with visa's to enter South Africa do not need to carry the supporting documents since these documents would have been processed together with the visa application. 

Motsoaledi said that as of the 8th of November 2019 foreign children can enter and leave the country without being required to provide a birth certificate, permission letter and other supporting documents relating to proof of parentage. Motsoaledi also said that they anticipate a positive impact in tourism over the holiday season due to the waiver.

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