President Donald Trump Under Fire For Suggestion On COVID-19 Treatment.

President Donald Trump has come under fire after suggesting research into the treatment of Coronavirus by possibly injecting disinfectant into the body.

Trump made this proposal on Thursday 23 April 2020 during a briefing, after an official explained that the US government is busy researching how the virus responds to different climates, temperatures and surfaces. The official told that sunlight and disinfectant kill the virus, after which Trump suggested that further research in the radiation of COVID-19 patients.

Doctors, however, are now warning that these suggestions can be very dangerous. A pulmonologist, Dr Vin Gupta, said that the idea of injecting or ingesting any cleanser into the body is irresponsible and dangerous. Robert Reich, a public policy professor at the University of California at Berkeley and a former secretary of labour, said in response to Twitter that Trump’s briefings are putting the health of the public at risk.

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