Top 10 Fun Things To Do With Your Kids During The Lockdown

With the Lockdown that has started in South Africa, there may be a few frustrated parents and very bored children during these 21 days. Here are some fun and exciting activities to do with your children.

  1. Go camping indoors:

Seeing that you can not go camping, bring the holiday destination home. Set up the living room, or any other big room in your house, as a camping ground. Set up your tent, pack out the camping chairs and eat some smores. Even tell some scary or funny stories. If you do not have a tent, have the kids make a fort with some blankets, pillows and washing pegs.

  1. Tidy rooms:

Have your children challenge each other to see whose room will be the cleanest and tidiest first. In this way, the kids are busy for a long time, they find old toys that can keep them busy, and you have some peace and quiet.

  1. Decorate cupcakes:

This is a fun activity for all. Bake some cupcakes and have the kids decorate their own cupcakes. They can even decorate each other’s cupcakes.

  1. Readathon:

This is perfect if you have children who love reading. Let them challenge each other to see who reads the most chapters or books in one day.

  1. Indoor scavenger hunt:

Draw up a list of things the kids have to find in the house. Even add a few riddles for them to solve. For ideas on what you can have on your list, Google “Indoor scavenger hunt for kids”.

  1. Make play-dough:

Kids love getting their hands dirty. Why not by making their own dough and then sculpting something out of it? Here is an easy no-bake recipe for making your own play-dough.


2 cups flour
1 cup of salt
2 teaspoons oil
1 cup of water
Food clouring (optional)

Mix the flour and salt together. Add the oil. Add the water until it is the consistency that you would like it to be. Divide into smaller pieces and add food colouring.

  1. Pillow sumo:

This is ideal for rough boys who have way too much energy to get rid of. Have them put pillows under their shirts, or tie pillows to their bodies. Then they sumo wrestle each other. Be careful though of furniture and appliances that can get in the way and hurt them. If you can, do this outside.

  1. Tic-Tac-Toe:

Make this game come to life by making it big! Outline the board for the game with tape on the floor. Draw or paint o’s and x’s on paper plates. Kids then play this huge game of tic-tac-toe.

  1. Ten-pin bowling:

All you need is:

  • Empty cooldrink bottles
  • Ball
  • Pencil and paper (for keeping score)
  • Tape (like masking tape, etc.)
  • Corridor
  • Place the bottles at the end of the corridor, in the form it will be at the bowling lane. If the bottles are too light and too easy to bowl over, fill them halfway with water. Use the tape to align the lane. And there you have your own bowling lane!
  1. Home theatre:

This is perfect for those colder days. Transform your living room into a cosy cinema with blankets, pillows, stuffed toys and even a mattress. And don’t forget the popcorn, snacks and cooldrink!

I hope these activities bring joy to South African families and laughter into your home!

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